Women Advocacy Programme in the Unions


No. IV/ITF/2017/Part V

Dated: 22/04/2017

The General Secretaries of Affiliated Unions of NFIR


Sub: Women Advocacy Programme in the Unions-reg.

Our women representatives Ms.Sunita Dhiman (URMU) and Ms. Similal Sridhar Singh (SRES) have recently participated in Women’s Advocacy Development meeting organized by the ITF at Kathmandu (Nepal) on 29th & 30th March 2017 and after deliberations, the conclusions drawn in the meeting have been conveyed to the Federation for taking action.

One of the important decisions of the Kathmandu meeting was “formation of Women Advocacy Committees” at Zonal level in aid of working women and also for their empowerment. The Advocacy Committee should consist of:

Union activist who has proficiency in the rules, labour laws etc,

A Group of NGOs working on Women issues,

Should be able to seek support of Police Department whenever required,

Should be capable of making alliance with other Unions on common issues such as violence against women,

Could seek help from students Union in the educational institutions.

NFIR, therefore, advises the affiliated Unions to set up the “Advocacy Committee” at the earliest and convey the names to the Federation as well to the office of ITF, New Delhi. List of names may also be made available to NFIR’s Media Centre. It may be noted that the Committee should invariably be constituted within a fortnight.

Yours fraternally

(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

Source : NFIR

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