What is the Necessity for MACP to Emulate ACP’s Promotional Hierarchy?

What is the Necessity for MACP to Emulate ACP’s Promotional Hierarchy? 
For a number of years, Federations have been demanding that employees who had not been given promotions for 10, 20 or 30 years be given promotions or upgradations by MACP (Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme) on the basis of their respective Promotional Hierarchy. The Government refused to oblige by stating very clearly in the 6th CPC that promotions will be given only on the basis of Grade Pay Hierarchy.
There are no such recommendations in the ACP Scheme (Assured Career Progression Scheme), which was introduced by the 5th CPC. In fact, there was not even a Grade Pay format in its Pay Structure. There was also no usage of ‘Hierarchy’ in it. A lot of confusion was created after the introduction of the Grade Pay Structure by the 6th CPC. Two distinct hierarchies were created – Promotional Hierarchy and Grade Pay Hierarchy.


Promotional Hierarchy is based on the pay structure depending upon the employee’s grade and department. Two employees with similar designations and ranks, but in different departments, will notice this difference. This is not applicable to everybody.
On the other hand, Grade Pay Structure is common for all. This is the reason why there are differences between an employee who gets promotions under the regular system and one who gets promotion under MACP. In order to rectify this discrepancy, a number of employees had approached the courts and had succeeded.
This would become clearer with this example:
Let us assume that an LDC employed with a Central Government office under a promotional hierarchy of 1900-2400-4200. Regular Promotion is given on this basis only.
If the employee has not been given a promotion for 10 years, then, instead of the next Grade Pay of Rs. 2400, he will be given a grade pay hike of Rs. 2000. Instead of Rs. 4200 Grade Pay, he will be given Rs. 2800. This is the reason for all the confusion.
But, the point to be observed here is that it was granted on the basis of Promotional Hierarchy, introduced by the ACP of the 5th CPC.
Let us also look at the explanation given by the Government.
Only those who haven’t received any promotion for 10 years are given promotions or upgradations under MACP.  Pay fixation is done based on 3% increment and the differences between Grade Pay. If the employee gets a regular promotion a month after getting pay fixation, then, the difference in the Grade Pay will be calculated on the basis of his entitlement and given immediately. The intention of the scheme was to remove the anguish of the employees who weren’t given any promotion for more than 10 years.

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