Speedy Clearance of GPF Final Settlement: DAD Estt

Speedy Clearance of GPF Final Settlement: DAD Estt

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Office of the Principal Controller of Accounts (FYS)
AN-VII Section
10-A, S.K.Bose Road, Kolkata-700001


Dated: 26.09.2018

Sub:Speedy Clearance of GPF Final Settlement: DAD Estt.

It has been noticed that Br.Account Officers are forwarding GPF final settlement claim to CDA(Fund), Meerut for payment at belated stage which may cause delay in payment of GPF accumulation to retirees. In this connection, reference is invited to this officer important circular dated 5.11.2012 (Copy enclosed) which is self explanatory. A check list circulated by CDA(Fund). Meerut vide their circular no.AN/Funds/Coord/Circular dated 25.8.2015 is also enclosed herewith for strict compliance.

Enclo: As above.

(Praveen Ranjan)
Dy.Controller of Account(AN)

Source: http://pcafys.nic.in

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