Request to update the vigilance status for CSSS officers in the Web Based Cadre Management System – instructions for Nodal officers

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Date: 21.02.2020


Subject: Request for updation of the vigilance status in Web Based Cadre Management System in respect of CSSS officers – instructions for Nodal Officers – regarding.

The undersigned is directed to say that the Web Based Cadre Management System is functional since 2012. It is enabled to capture the data of all CSSS officers relating to their date of joining, address, posting, promotions, training etc.

For effective and efficient cadre management, it is necessary that the data of all officers be available on real time basis. In absence of complete data, CSCMS portal cannot be fully relied upon for processing cases related to Rotational Transfer, Promotion, Voluntary Retirement etc. It is seen that at the time of promotions, the cases gets delayed for want of updation of vigilance status of officers in the zone of consideration. Hence, it has been decided to strengthen the Vigilance Information System (VIS).

Also check: Revised Rotational Transfer Policy applicable to CSS officers – Latest DoPT Orders 2020 January 27, 2020

Presently, the vigilance status of the decentralized grades is available only with the cadre units and also the vigilance status of Principal Private Secretary and above level officers is shared with CS.II Division, only at the time of promotion etc.

As such, it has now been decided that vigilance status of all grades of officers will have to be updated on a quarterly basis by all the cadre units on the CSCMS portal. If any change in the vigilance status of any officer happens in the interim period, the same must be updated immediately. The process to be followed for all grades of CSSS cadres is as under :-

In the first instance, all the Cadre units will update the vigilance status of all the officers. Subsequently, the same will be reviewed by them on quarterly basis and revised. If there is a change in vigilance status within the three months’ period, the same has to be updated/ reflected on the CSCMS portal immediately.

This exercise will be completed in a phased manner. In the first phase, the vigilance status of the senior most officers as identified below may be updated :-

CSSS Cadre

Sr. No. GradesFor officials / officers of SLY
1Principal Private Secretary (PPS)2011, 2012 & 2013
2Private Secretary (PS)2010,2011 and 2012
3Personal Assistant (PA)2010 to 2014

CSCS Cadre

Sr. No. GradesFor officials / officers of SLY
1Senior Secretariat Assistant (SSA)SL-2003, SL-2003 (Extended) and SL-2004, SL-2005, SL-2006, SL -2007 and SL-2008

CSCS Cadre
Sr. No. Grndes SL year
1 Senior Secretariat Assistant (SSA)
SL-2003, SL-2003(Extended)
andSL-2004, SL-2005, SL-2006, SL -2007 and SL-2008

The vigilance status of these officers may be updated on the portal on or before 29.02.2020.

In the second phase, the vigilance status of the rest of the officers may be updated. This information should be updated comH.ylsorily & immediately but not later than 15.03.2020. Subsequently, the status may be updated for all officials/officers every quarter ending March, June, September and December respectively starting from March, 2020.

A hard copy of vigilance status of Principal Private Secretary and above level as mentioned in para 5 may also be made available to AVD.I, DOPT, North Block, New Delhi with a copy to the undersigned. In this regard for reference a copy of O.M.No.21/1/2014- CS.I(U) dated 09.05.2014 explaining the procedure for updating the vigilance status in CSCMS is enclosed for necessary action of the Nodal Officers of all Ministries / Departments. The pathway is as under:-

CSCMS> Vigilance> Request for status> filling up of drop down items as per cadre unit> go> select the cadre personnel> vigilance for the purpose to be filled up>send vigilance request>intimation of status> modify> fill up the fields accordingly> update. If still the status under Ministry / Department shows as pending, then CS Division may be contacted for a solution.

Therefore, Nodal Officers of all Ministries/ Departments is requested to update the data of all CSSS officers working under them including their experience/ training details, category etc. on PRIORITY, if not done so far. The rights have been opened for Nodal Officers as well as for individual officer (to a limited extent as may be allowed to access) to update the fields in CSCMS.

A new feature has been added to upload one’s photograph in CSCMS through employee details> Documents> photograph. All officials/ officers of CSSS cadre are also requested to upload their latest photograph in the CSCMS on PRIORITY.

Ministries/ Departments/ Officers concerned.
(Through website of DOPT)

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