Request for not booking rooms in holiday home at Goa

Suspension of booking of Goa Holiday rooms for renovation – Directorate of Estates orders on 17.12.2014


Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates

Nirman lihawan, New Delhi
Dated 17.12.2014

Office Memorandum

Subject: Request for not booking rooms in holiday home at Goa in February and March 2015 for renovation.

The undersigned is directed to refer Superintending Engineer, Goa Central Circle, CPWd, Goa letter no.23/1/43/PB/GCD/2014/1644 dated 04.12.2014 on the above subject and to say that it has been decided to suspend booking of rooms in holiday home at Goa as per following schedule in
February and March, 2015.

SI. No. – Room No. – Renovation Period suspension schedule)

1. 101 to 103 (i.e. Room No. 101, 102, 103) – 10.02.2015 to 20.02.2015

2. 201 to 205 (i.e. Room No. 201, 202, 203, 204. 205) – 21.02.2015 to 05.03.2015

3. 301 to 305 (i.e. Room No. 301, 302, 303, 304, 305) – 06.03.2015 to 15.03.2015

2. In view of above, NIC is requested to suspend online booking of respective rooms of holiday home at Goa as per suspension schedule/renovation period/details mentioned above and beyond the suspension period, booking will stand continue.

(N.S. Chauhan)
Assistant Director of Estates (Regions)

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