(This is applicable for all Civil Central Government Employees)

All regular postal employees can go for tour to anywhere in India along with his/her dependents i.e., family members (family members means the details of family given and recorded in their service books. This may be changed by the Government servant as and when either a new entrant i.e., newly married spouse, new born babies).

This tour can be availed once in anytime within the block year. These block years are already fixed by the department. At present the block year is 2014-2017. Now you and your dependents can avail the tour together with or separately depends upon your feasibility. i.e. as per your convenient you can alone go to anywhere in India at anytime. Likewise your dependents can alone go to anywhere in India at anytime i.e., in different time frame.

Now there is a chance to avail LTC for the previous block year 2010-2013 for those who have not availed till date they can avail now. i.e. their onward journey for anywhere in India is ensured the date of departure should be on or before 31.12.2014.

For this tour it is called as “LTC” i.e., Leave Travel Concession

Travelling expenses from your duty station to any place in India can be claimed as per fare for your entitled class in train by taking into the shortest route (as per your Grade Pay). Let us assume if you want to travel from Chennai (duty station) to New Delhi. But you may have travelled from Chennai Central to Mumbai VT and then New Delhi. In this connection your claim for travelling charges should be restricted to Chennai Central to New Delhi only even though you have preferred claim with support of tickets from Chennai Central to New Delhi en route Mumbai VT. Hence your claim should be preferred with tickets is mandatory. If it is necessitated to travel by bus when there is no train facility you should be travelled only by State or Central Government transport. It you have travelled by govt. bus though the places are connected with train route the bus fare is restricted with eligible train fare.

During on tour for LTC, the GS can be availed any kind of leave from his/her leave account. Casual leave is also eligible to avail LTC period.

Leave salary for 10 days can be utilized (10 days EL by deducting from the individual’s leave account) for tour expenses like boarding, lodging and miscellaneous other than travelling fare. This leave salary is calculated by taking account from the last emoluments (Pay in PB + Grade Pay + DA) drawn by the incumbent. This facility can be availed six times i.e. 6 x 10 days = 60 days in the entire service.

Travelling fare for entitled class in train based on Grade pay will be updated soon in my next post.

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