Outcome of Meeting with DoPT on Joint Declaration and Charter of Demands of Central Government employees submitted by NC JCM Staff Side – INDWF

Outcome of Meeting with DoPT on Joint Declaration and Charter of Demands of Central Government employees submitted by NC JCM Staff Side – INDWF


General Secretary


Date: 25/2/2015

All Affiliated of INDWF

Dear Colleagues,
The National Council (JCM) constituents had their convention at New Delhi on 11.12.2014 and issued a joint declaration on Charter of Demands of Central Government employees and also declared their proposed action programme which you all are aware.

A letter has been sent to Cabinet Secretary alongwith Joint Declaration and Charter of Demands.

After reveiving the joint declaration and Charter of Demands, the Secretary, DoP&T called for a meeting to below for the information of all the unions affiliated to INDWF.

1. It was very much emphasised that the forum of JCM councils should be made effective. All the Departmental councils and National Council JCM should be conducted regularly so that the issues of Government employees can be discussed. It was agreed to take necessary steps to conduct the meetings regularly.

2. All agreed anomalies should be implemented particularly the fixation of pay between direct recruitees and promotees.

3. Anomaly committee should be convened to settle the pending issues.

4. MACP issues wherever courts have given judgements that should be considered and orders should be given to implement the same before 7th CPC report.

5. Wherever the Departments have recommended for improvement in Grade Pay of certain categories of employees should be considered by DOP&T and Ministry of Finance.

Further on Charter of Demands were discussed :
6. Pay Revision should be given effect from January 2014 due to the DA increase. Also in future, pay should be reivsed on completion of every 5 years.

7. Merger of DA upto 100%. It was insisted to direct the 7th CPC to consider and given their report by Ministry of Finance. After receiving a request from Staff Side it was agreed to consider.

8. Similarly on Interim Relief, after receiving a request letter from Staff Side, this will be processed.

9. Merger of Unskilled and Semi Skilled to Rs.1800/- Grade Pay, DoP&T has rejected to grant w.e.f.1.9.2008 which is against the CDS(RP) Rules 2008. It will be reconsidered after receiving a note from Defence Ministry.

10. MACP should be granted w.e.f.1.1.2006 for the benefit of reitired employees.

11. Wherever the promotion posts and feeder posts are identical (MAC and Chargeman) that should not be treated as promotion on their movement and ACP/MACP to be granted.

12. Railways and Defence employees should be exempted from NEW PENSION SCHEME.

13. On compassionate ground appointments ceiling of 5% to be removed which is without any rational.

The above points will be considered for remaining points, another meeting will be held with progress.

Yours Sincerely,
General Secretary

Source: INDWF

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