OROP: Modi Requests Withdrawal of Protests; Anna Hazare cancels hunger strike

OROP: Modi Requests Withdrawal of Protests; Anna Hazare cancels hunger strike

“It is worth mentioning the fact that the Centre had recently fulfilled the 40 year long pending demand of the ex-servicemen regarding their pensions.”

The government at the centre, under the leadership of Narendra Modi, has requested the ex-servicemen to withdraw their protests on OROP. The government has said that there was no point in carrying on with the protests, now that the issue has been resolved.

The government had recently accepted the 40 year long demand of the ex-servicemen to grant OROP. But the ex-servicemen are demanding that the scheme also be made applicable to those who had opted for voluntary retirement and that the pension be revised once every year. Protests are continuing for the implementation of these and a few other important demands.

Amit Shah, the national president of the BJP has accused the Congress of trying to manipulate every issue to gain political mileage. “We have fulfilled our promise to implement OROP. After keeping quite for all these days, why is Congress making noise now?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Anna Hazare has announced that he was withdrawing his earlier announced protests for OROP. He was planning to launch a massive fast on October 2 demanding the implementation of OROP and withdrawal of the Land Acquisition Bill. Since it has now become clear that there is no possibility of clearing an emergency bill on land acquisition, and since the government has accepted the OROP demands, he has said that he was withdrawing the protests.

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