KVS retirees get their first payout on schedule

KVS retirees get their first payout on schedule

KVS Retired Employees

On March 5, 2021, a meeting with SBI officials was held to discuss issues related to the disbursement of pension to KVS retired employees.

18, Institutional Area, Saheed Jeet Singh Marg
New Delhi-1 10016.

F.No. 110230/Misc/2021/KVS(HQ)/P&I

Date : 24.03.2021


Subject: Timely disbursement of the first pension to retired employees of KVS – regarding.

In the series of various efforts to make the system more effective and efficient, a meeting was held on 05.03.2021 with the SBI officials to discuss the matters related to the disbursement of pension to the retired employees of KVS. In the said meeting, the issue of delay in disbursement of the first pension was discussed. SBI officials mentioned the following points, which cause a delay in the release of the first pension.

  • i. Opening of Saving Bank account by the pensioner jointly with someone other than a family pensioner.
  • ii, Non-submission of life certificate and KYC.
  • ii. Non-availability of mobile number and email id linked with SBI bank account opened for getting pension.
  • ‘iv. Non-submission of declaration/undertaking regarding an overpayment, if any.
  • v. Non-submission of undertaking in regard to non-availing of medical facilities from other sources.

KVS Timely payment of retirement benefits to the retiring employees – KVS retirement benefits

To avoid any such delay, the retired employees of KVS are advised to do the following which will facilitate the system for early hassle-free pension disbursal:-

1. Saving bank account with SBI must be opened in the individual name of pensioner or jointly with the family pensioner only.

2. Mobile number and email ID should be mandatorily linked with pensioners SB account and invariably provided along with the pension papers/forms.

3. Undertaking for the eventuality of any over-payment in “Annexure I’ and declaration regarding the release of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) should also be submitted along with the pension papers/forms.

  1. Pensioners should contact the pension payer SBI branch immediately after receiving SMS/email from SBI and submit life certificate and KYC documents to the branch.

Pensioners are welcome for any further query/clarification on email ID pensionkvshq@gmail.com

Hindi version will follow .

(Satya Narain Gulia)
Joint Commissioner (Fin.)

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