July 31 is the Last Date to File the Income Tax Returns

July 31 is the Last Date to File the Income Tax Returns
July 31 is the last date to file the tax returns for individuals. Here are some information that might be useful for filing tax returns:
• Should those with income below the taxable limits also file the tax returns?
Individuals with separate income and Pan card need not file tax returns. But, it is better if they do it. This is especially true if they are investing in real estate or gold. It will be very useful for tax assessments in future.
• Should we file the tax returns only through auditors?
If you are very thorough with the income tax regulations and have a good grasp over the filing procedures, then you can file the returns yourselves. If your annual income is over Rs. 1 Crore, then your returns have to be audited by a qualified auditor before filing. The last date for filing audited returns is September 30. Failing to file the returns could attract a penalty of 0.5% of your total income or Rs. 1.5 lakhs, whichever is lesser.

• Procedure for filing tax returns if you are living in smaller towns:
You can find out the ward that you belong to by logging in at the income tax department website, http://incometaxindia.gov.in/ . Those returns that have not been audited can be filed by filling up the relevant forms. The returns can be filed online too. If your income tax account is maintained online, then you will have to file your returns online too. It is preferable to file the returns online. You will get your tax reimbursements without any hassles if you choose to file online.
• Can I make the tax payments now and file the returns later?
If tax returns for the Financial Year 2013-14 are filed after July 31, how much penalty will it attract? You can file delayed tax returns for up to one year. But, you will have to pay penalties under Section 234A. The minimum amount for failure to pay taxes in the given Financial Year is Rs. 5000. You will be exempted from paying the penalty if you could give valid and acceptable reasons for your failure to pay the taxes on time.

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