Indian Railway Employee : Running Allowance

Indian Railway Employee : Running Allowance


  • Running allowance is an allowance granted to running staff for the performance of duty directly connected with the charge of moving trains and includes “Kilometreage allowance” or “Allowance in lieu of Kilometreage” but excludes special compensatory allowances. This allowance is paid on the Kilometreage basis calculated at the rates specified per hundred kilometers. (Ref 1)
  • When running staff are put to officiate in a “running” post for 30 days or less, they will be paid pay in lower grade plus running allowance at the rates applicable to the higher grade in which they officiate enhanced by 15% (Ref 2)
  • Running Allowance shall be admissible to the Loco Inspectors drawn from the loco running staff for the performance of duties directly connected with the training and monitoring of loco running staff on foot plate. (Ref 3)
  • Running staff drawing running allowance are not entitled to traveling allowance.(Ref 4)
  • Kilometrage  shall  be  calculated  as per the  distance  shown  in  the  Working  Time  Tables.(Ref 5)

Rates of Running (Kilometreage) Allowance from 01.01.2011

Category Grade Pay Rates of Kilometreage Allowance (per 100 Kms.) in Rs.
Loco Pilot (Mail) 4200 212.50
Loco Pilot (Passenger)/Motorman 4200 211.25
Loco Pilot (Goods) 4200 210.00
Loco Pilot (Shunting) Gr.I 4200 162.50
Loco Pilot (Shunting) Gr.II 2400 157.50
Sr.FM-1,Sr.Asstt. loco Pilot ( Diesel/Elec) 2400 157.50


FM-1, Asstt.Loco Pilot ( Diesel/Elec), Sr.Second Fireman 1900 151.25

97.50 (Shunting)

Second Fireman 1800 127.50

76.25 (Shunting)

Mail/Express Guard 4200 192.50
Passenger Guard 4200 191.25
Sr.Goods Guard 4200 190.00
Goods Guard 2800 188.75
Sr.Asstt. Guard/ Sr.Brakesman 2400 112.50
Asstt.Guard/ Brakesman 1900 107.50

(Ref 6 & 7)


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