Most of the Employees of Defence, Finance and IT Ministries are not marked their attendance in BAS

Most of the Employees of Defence, Finance and IT Ministries are not marked their attendance in BAS

The Defence Ministry has topped the list of government organisations whose employees have defaulted in marking their attendance through Aadhaar-enabled biometric system.

Most of the employees of 27 departments and organisations affiliated to the Defence Ministry and nine each from Finance, and Information and Broadcasting Ministries have not been marking their attendance through the electronic system introduced by the NDA government.

In light of this, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has, in an order, asked department heads to direct their employees to mark attendance on biometric systems.

A data on employees of 169 central government offices marking and not-marking their attendances has also been issued with the DoPT order.

The data, which has been prepared by the Department of Information and Technology, showed that none out of the 540 employees of DRDO was marking attendance.

The attendance number is zero for Engineer-in-Chief having 746 employees, Additional Directorate General Personnel Services with 150 strength and History Division with a staff strength of 20. All these departments function under the Ministry of Defence.

Of the total of 736 registered employees in DoPT, only 576 were marking their attendances, it said. A total of 2133, 761, 750 employees of Railways, Department of Revenue and Niti Ayog (though the list mentioned office name as Planning Commission) respectively were marking their attendance electronically.

None out of 419 employees registered with the Office of Registrar General and Census Commissioner under Home Ministry and OS Directorate (Army) with 70 registered personnel had marked their attendance through the system, as per the data.

There are 2830, 1080, and 971 registered employees respectively in these departments.

Also, none of the 195 registered employees of National Investigation Agency (NIA) were filing their attendance through the system, it said.

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology, the official record keeper for attendance of all the central government employees, recorded 78 per cent presence of employees on biometric system with 748 out of 958 using this technology.

Similarly, there were many employees in various departments who were defaulting in marking attendance

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