Display of TTE/Conductor name and mobile numbers in the Trains

Display of TTE/Conductor name and mobile numbers in the Trains


No. 2014/TG-V/4/04

New Delhi, dated 17.12.2014
Chief Commercial Managers,
All Zonal Railways.


Sub: Announcement regarding mobile number of TTE/Conductor in the trains.

Recently during the course of annual review meeting held with Central Vigilance Commission, it was inter-aha suggested that the name and mobile number of TTES/Conductors should be displayed on every compartment of the trains so that public can contact them in case of any need.

2. In this connection, attention is drawn to instructions issued vide this office letter no. 2012/TG-I/20/Pt. 1 dated 13:08.2012 (CC 110. 48 of 2012) wherein Zonal Railways were advised to print the name of the TTEs/Conductors manning the coaches on end-to-end basis on the reservation chart through the PRS. It was also informed that for all other trains, the names of the ticket checking staff deployed on the 1st leg should be printed on the chart at the train originating station. Compliance of these instructions may be ensured.

3. The suggestion of CVC as mentioned above was examined keeping in view the ground realities and it was not found practically feasible to implement the same. It is however, desired that in trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi & Duronto Express trains where the provision of announcement is there, the name of the Conductor/TIES manning the coaches earmarked to them and the coach in. which they are available should be announced during the run of the trains after every Commercial halt so that the passengers in need can contact them for assistance.

Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned.

(Vikram Singh)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board

 Source: http://www.indianrailways.gov.in

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