Discussions held by Railway Board with Federations (AIRF & NFIR) on 01.10.2015: Summary Record Note

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No. 2015/E(LR)II/1/8

New Delhi, dated :27. 10.2015

The General Secretary,
4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi -110055.
The General Secretary,
3, Cheimsford Road,
New Delhi-110055.

Dear Sirs,

Summary Record Note of Discussions held on 01.10.2015 on the above mentioned subject is sent herewith.
Yours faithfully
(Naveen Kumar)
Dy. Director Estt (LR)-I

Summary Record Note of Discussions held by Board (CRB, MS, & FC ) with Federations (AIRF & NIFR) on 01.10.2015 on issues raised by federation.


The following officers and representatives of Federations attended the meeting:-

Official Side Federations
Shri A. K. Mital, CRB
Shri Pradeep Kumar, MS
Shri S. Mookerjee, FC
Mrs. Ragini Yechury, ED (IR)
Shri Debashis Mallik, DE(IR)
1.Shri Rakhal Das Gupta, President
2.Shri S.G. Mishra, General Secretary
3.Shri J. R. Bhosale
1.Shri Guman Singh, President
2.Shri M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary
Item No. Issues Remarks
1 Exempting Railways from New Pension Scheme. The Federation stressed that this matter needs to be taken up at the level of Hon’ble  Minister for Railways with Hon’ble Finance Minister and requested for a meeting with Hon’ble MR. The Federations re-iterated  that Railway employees’ functionings quite comparable with those of the Defence Personnel as Railwaymen work under continuous stress and strain.

It was agreed to fix up a meeting of  the Federations with Hon’ble MR shortly

2 Up-gradation of Apex level Group ‘C’ posts to Group ‘B’ Gazetted (3335 posts). 2. Up-gradation of Apex level Group ‘C’ posts to Group ‘B’ Gazetted Official Side stated that proposal has again been submitted to Ministry of Finance seeking their concurrence. Thereafter, Ministry of Finance sought certain clarifications incontext to the said proposal which has been replied to them on 10.09.2015. The matter is further being pursued by Pay Commission Dte.

Federations, however, stated that creation/up-gradation in Group’B’posts is within the competence of Railway Board as was observed in the meeting of Standing Committee held on 07.05.2008.

It was agreed to examine this aspect after connecting the minutes of the meeting of Standing Committee of National Council referred to by the Federations.

3 Report of High Power Committee on duty hours of Running Staff. Official Side conveyed that recommendations of the High Power Committee will be deliberated by Full Board on 06.10.2015 duly taking into account the views expressed by the Federations..
4 Induction of Course Completed Act Apprentices against Safety vacancies in GP-Rs. 1800/-. It was proposed,from the Official Side that it is contemplated that henceforth educational qualifications for recruitment to erstwhile Group ‘D’ posts may be kept as Course Completed Act Apprentices and minimum 10th Pass Matriculation). Federations stated that they will first discuss this issue themselves jointlv.
5 Unwarranted conditions like “working on tracks” causing impediment in implementation of LARSGESS in the case of P. Way .Staff. Federations stated that the phrase “working on track” in the case categories permitted in 2014 be removed. This was agreed to.
6 Stepping up of pay of Loco Inspectors appointed prior to 01/01/2006. The commitment given by the Railway Board for granting stepping up of pay of the Loco Inspectors on the remaining six zones is yet to be implemented. Federations insisted that SLP be withdrawn as an agreement was reached on 07.02.2014 that stepping up of pay of LIs appointed prior to 01.01.2006 on the remaining 6 zones will be implemented. Official side stated that it will be examined in consultation with Leqal Dte.
7 Rectification of MACPS anomalies. Federations were advised that before the issues are discussed at the level of Board (MS & FC), it will be desirable to deliberate on those issues by concerned Executive Directors (EDPC-I, EDPC-II, EDF(E) and EDE(N) ) in association with the General Secretaries of the Federations(AlRF & NFIR). For this purpose/ a meeting is to be fixed shortly
Source : NFIR

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