Defence – Wrong pay fixation granting the benefit of financial up gradation under ACP/ MACP scheme

DAD employees – MACP Scheme


Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Office of Principal Controller of Account (FYS)
10 A, S.K. Bose Road, Kolkata-700001

No: 720/AN-Pay/V/ACP /MACP

Date: 27/12/2019


All CsFA
All Branch Accounts Offices

Sub: Information regarding over payments made to DAD employees on account of wrong pay fixation granting the benefit of financial up gradation under ACP/ MACP scheme

Recently Hqr office has intimated that it has received a case where a clerk appointed in the DAD on Inter Departmental Transfer basis was granted financial up gradation under ACP scheme of 1999 in the pay scale of Rs.4000-100-6000 in his erstwhile department . Although he was appointed in the DAD as clerk in the pay scale of Rs.3050- 75- 3950- 80-4590 still his pay was erroneously fixed in the pay scale of Rs.4500-125-7000 (granting him financial up gradation in the hierarchy of post in the DAD ie., pay scale applicable to Auditor) instead of granting him pay protection in the pay scale applicable to the post of clerk in the DAD ie 3050- 75-3950- 80-4590 . This pay fixation is not as per rules/orders.

Also check: MACP guidance as per recommendations of the 7th CPC

2. Hqr has already issued a clarification on the issue of MACP to the employees appointed in DAD through Inter Departmental Transfer vide letter no. AN/Xl/11051/ MACP/2010 v.11-1 dated 25.2 .2010 and AN/Xl/ 11051/MACP/ 2011/ID dated 04.06.2012.

3. It is therefore, requested to confirm that no such cases are there in your office where over payments have been made to any employee due to wrong pay fixation or erroneous grant of financial upgradation under ACP/ MACP scheme.

4. This information may please be furnished on PRIORITY positively by Return email/ Fax .

Deputy Controller of Account (fys)

DAD employees MACP Scheme Defence
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