Clarifications regarding payment of Breakdown Allowance

Breakdown Allowance


 RBE No. 138/2018


New Delhi, dated 14.09.2018.

The General Mangers/OSDs/CAOs,
All Indian Railways & Production Units.
(As per mailing list).

Sub: Clarifications regarding payment of Breakdown Allowance.

Ref:- Board’s letter of even number dated 30.08.2017 (RBE No.106/2017)

In context of Board’s letter cited above, references have been received in Board’s office from some Zonal Railways, seeking clarifications regarding entitlement of Breakdown allowance to Technician Gr.11l drawing pay in higher level i.e. Pay level 3 under MACPS rather than the pay level available for the post. The issue has also been raised by AIRF in PNM Forum as item No.15/2018 and NFIR in their letter dated 11.04.2018.

2. The matter has been examined in Board’s office and it has been observed that the MACP Scheme provides for grant of financial upgradation to the employees on personal basis and there occurs no change in the designation, classification or status. The concerned employees continue to discharge the duties and responsibilities of the post held by them. In view of this, it is clarified that the Breakdown Allowance has to be paid at the rate(s) as prescribed against the respective post mentioned in para-1 of Board’s letter cit. 30.08.2017. Accordingly, Technician Gr.III though drawing pay in higher pay level under MACPS, are entitled for Breakdown Allowance at the rates prescribed for the post held by them.

3. The other terms and conditions relating to Breakdown Allowance will remain the same.

4. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

5. Please acknowledge receipt.

Joint Director/Estt.(P&A),
Railway Board

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