Centre mulls linking teachers promotion with students performance

The central government is considering linking the promotion of teachers to the performance of their students, Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani said on Friday.

Speaking at the launch of a statewide Vidyalay Chale Chalayein Abhiyaan in Kalamati village in Khunti district of Jharkhand (approximately 30 kilometers from Ranchi), Irani said teachers to understand the responsibility they have in shaping the future of the students, if India was to take its position as the ‘vishwa guru (world teacher)’.

“My appeal to teachers is that they should realise these students are actually assets of society, who have been handed over to you for betterment. We are also thinking of linking teachers’ promotion with children’s performance,” the minister said addressing teachers.

The minister also appealed to the parents to participate in school management committees, “There are rules in place which entitle the presence of parents in the school management committee.”

She also said, “The parents send their wards to schools with a lot of hope. For families with weaker financial backgrounds, hopes on their school-going children are even higher for a better future. Hence the teachers have to be accountable.”

Irani also explained central proposal, “We at the Centre are planning on how to align the promotion of teachers with the performance of their respective classes. The promotion of teachers will also depend on the performance of individual students.”


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