7th Pay Commission – If not Hefty Pay Hike, Government Likely to Restore Allowances

Some good news for government employees anticipating Centre’s response to their demands on salary hike! As per reports, government may agree to reinstate some of the allowances that were subsumed by the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations.

7th Pay Commission – If not Hefty Pay Hike, Govt Likely to Restore Allowances – The employees have been demanding that allowances which are stated to be subsumed and which are clubbed with others also need to be looked at.

Central government employees have been claiming that the 7th CPC has recommended to abolish large number of allowances and interest free advances without going into the exact relevance in certain departments where the allowances are provided for.

The employees have been demanding that allowances which are stated to be subsumed and which are clubbed with others also need to be looked at.

Pay commission had suggested abolition of many privileges and facilities including risk allowance, small family allowance, festival advance and motor cycle advance etc in its recommendations.

Following are the demands of the central government employees regarding reinstatement of allowances that were hit by the 7th CPC recommendations:

  1. Retain the rate of house rent allowance in place of the recommendation of the Commission to reduce it.
  2. Restructure the transport allowance into two slabs at Rs. 7500 and 3750 with DA thereof removing all the stipulated conditions.
  3. Fixed conveyance allowance: This allowance had no DA component at any stage_ This allowance must be enhanced to 2.25 times with 25% DA thereon as and when the DA crosses 50%
  4. Restore the island Special duty allowance and the Tripura Special compensatory remote locality allowance.
  5. The special duty allowance in NE Region should be uniform for all at 30%
  6. Overtime allowance whenever sanction must be based upon the actual basic pay of the entitled employee.
  7. Cash handling /Treasury allowance. The assumption that every transaction in Government Departments are through the bank is not correct. There are officials entrusted to collect cash and therefore the cash handling allowance to be retained.
  8. Qualification Pay to be retained.
  9. Small family norms allowances to be retained.
  10. Savings Bank allowance to be retained.
  11. Outstation allowance to be retained.
  12. P.O. & RMS. Accountants special allowance.
  13. Risk allowance.
  14. Break-down allowance.
  15. Night patrolling allowance.
  16. Special Compensatory hill area allowance.
  17. Special allowance for Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff.
  18. Dress Allowance ceiling to be raised to Rs. 32,400 per annum.
  19. Nursing Allowance to be raised to 2.25 times of Rs 4800.
  20. All fixed allowances must be raised to 2.25 times as per the principle enunciated by the Commission.

Restore the following advances and revise the same to 3 times.

  • Natural calamity advance.
  • Festival Advance.
  • LTC and TA advances.
  • Medical advance.
  • Education advance.
  • Vehicle advances including cycle advance.

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