7th Pay Commission: Good news for autonomous bodies as government may give them salary hike, but with conditions

7th Pay Commission: Good news for autonomous bodies as government may give them salary hike, but with conditions

The finance ministry has also made arrangements for those autonomous body employees who do not meet these criteria to get salaries as per the revised pay scale.

The Ministry of Finance has come up with some good news for employees of autonomous bodies that are present under various departments and ministries of the Central government: These workers will get benefits of the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) although there is a string of conditions attached to the implementation.

These employees have expressed frustration in the past saying their wages have not been increased despite repeated assurances since the middle of last year. They were also disappointed over the news that their dues could get delayed further due to various reasons.

Now, the Ministry of Finance has said in a memorandum that the employees of these autonomous bodies – which are expected to be “financially self-sufficient” so as not to burdent the state exchequer – may get a revised pay scale as per the part of their salaries that deals with allowances, including dearness, house-rent and transport.

According to the ministry’s memorandum, the allowances of these employees can be increased in correlation with the pay panel recommendations only on the following three conditions:

1. The “conditions of service” of employees of an autonomous body, in particular those that pertain to work hours and over-time payment, are same as to those of the Central government employees.

2. The revised pay scale will also apply to those who opt for the aforementioned “conditions of service.”

3. The pension and provident fund deductions of these employees will happen on the basis of their revised pay structure.

Payments on other components of the salary will be revised to the CPC recommendations, said the memorandum. For other autonomous body enmployees

For employees of autonomous bodies, the working conditions of which do not match those of Central government employees, the ministry has proposed setting up of a group of officers for each autonomous body – with the departmental or ministerial financial advisor acting as the finance ministry’s representative – to determine whether and how much of an increase these employees will get. Of course, their recommendations will be implemented only after the ministry approves it.

The memorandum added: “The Central government has not taken any decision so far in regard to various allowances based on the 7th Central Pay Commission in respect of Central government employees and, therefore, until further orders the existing allowances in the autonomous organisations shall continue to be admissible as per the existing terms and conditions, irrespective of the revised pay scales having been adopted.”

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