7th CPC: Grant of Ration Money Allowance to Officers of Defence Forces

Ration Money Allowance


As per the provisions of Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. 03(01)/2016/D(QS) dt. 31st July 2017, provision of free ration for officers of Defence Forces was discontinued in peace areas. Ration Money Allowance will be admitted by PCDA(O) by Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) through individual bank accounts. Amount of Ration Money will be remitted alongwith the salary and reflected in Pay Slip as “Ration Money Allowance”


(1) Ration Money will be admitted based on the Part-II order published by the units.

(2) Ration money will be admitted as per the monthly rate of Ration Money Allowance by Govt. from time to time.

(3) The casualty will be published in the Part- II notifying casualty POSIN (Posting in) and admissible from the date of TOS (Taken on strength of new unit)

(4) Ration money will continue to be admitted till receipt of Part-II order for ‘POSOUT’/’STPRMONY’

(5) Officer on Ty. Duty is not entitled to Ration Money, however, ration money paid during ty. duty period will be adjusted by ‘T’ wing while processing the claim for temporary duty.

(6) Copy of initial Part-II order for grant of Ration Money w.e.f. 01.07.2017 should be supported with a certificate for ‘Non-drawal of Ration Money in cash or kind beyond 01.07.2017 till the date of publication of Part-II order for GTDRMONY” for grant of Ration Money by this office.

Amendment to revised Documentation Procedure for publication of Part-II Orders (Officers) for claiming Ration Money/Ration Allowance is as follows :

1. Ration Money Allowance (in peace)

A new code is to be generated for Ration Money Allowance to officers posted in peace area and the same is to be published on POSIN/POSOUT, as the case may be.

Sr. No. Occurrence Code
3.107(a) GTDRMONY
3.107(b) STPRMONY

A certificate to the effect is also be enclosed with the DO Part II orders:

a. Certified that the conditions laid down in GoI, MoD letter No. 03(01)/2016/D(QS) dated 31/07/2017 have been fulfilled.

ii. The officer is posted to peace station i.e………………. (name of the station)

iii. No free messing/ration in kind was provided for the period.

iv. The officer has not claimed, paid Daily Messing Allowance for the period for which Ration Money Allowance is claimed.

Source: https://pcdaopune.gov.in

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