7th Central Pay Commission – Territorial Army Allowance

Government of India
Ministry of Defence

South Block, New Delhi
Dated the 21st September, 2017


The Chief of the Army Staff

Subject : Implementation of the recommendation of the Seventh Central Pay Commission – Territorial Army Allowance.

I am directed to say that consequent upon the acceptance of the recommendation of the Seventh Central Pay Commission and in supersession of the all existing orders issued on the subject from time to time, the President is pleased to decide that the Camp Allowance and TA Bounty applicable for Territorial Army shall be merged into a single allowances to be called Territorial Army Allowance and will be payable at the following rates:

Sl. No Category of Employees Amount (in Rs./annum)
1 Officers 2000
2 JCOs 1500
3 OR 1000

2. These rates shall automatically increase by 25%, each time the Dearness Allowance rises by 50%.


3. 100% of the amount of Territorial Army Allowance shall be granted for completing full training and 75% of the amount will be granted for completing more than 80% of the training.


3. These orders shall take effect from 01st July, 2017.


4. This letter issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Fin/AG/PD) vide their Dy No.410/AG/PD/2017 dated 11.09.2017

Yours faithfully,

(S. Gopal krishna)

Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

Authority: https://mod.gov.in/

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