Will Modi Government Implement PRIS?

Will Modi Government Implement PRIS?
One could observe that the newly sworn-in Modi Government has wasted no time to get into action. That being the case, the question now on everybody’s mind is – will the new Government implement the Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS)?
It is worth mentioning here that Modi himself holds the portfolio of the ministry that is responsible for all decisions pertaining to the Central Government employees.
News media have carried statements allegedly made by Central Government officials themselves regarding this issue. The 6th Pay Commission has recommended that the scheme that grants performance and talent based incentives to Central Government employees could be implemented. The recommendations of the previous Pay Commission were adopted by the previous Government at policy-level. Officials of the DoP&T will soon be meeting with Narendra Modi and explaining the situation to him. During this meeting, if Modi gives his assent, then a detailed guideline will be prepared soon after. A guideline has already been prepared in this regard during the previous Government’s tenure. Suitable changes and additions will be made to this in order to incorporate the recommendations and suggestions given by Modi.

There are more than 50 Lakh Central Government employees spread all over the country. The Department of Personnel and Training will soon launch a series of measures that would increase the efficiency of these employees which would directly and indirectly benefit millions of others. If performance based incentive is implemented, then the salaries of the Central Government employees will differ each year based on their performance. The scheme could either be implemented based on an individual’s productivity or on the department’s performance.

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