Will information on the 7th Pay Commission be available by evening today?

Are there any chances of getting any concrete information about the 7th Pay Commission recommendations which will be submitted this evening?

Crores of central and state government employees and pensioners all over the country have been eagerly waiting for months to get some information about the 7th Pay Commission. Will their desire get fulfilled today?

Or, will the submitting of the report by Justice A.K.Mathur, who is currently being pursued by an army of reporters, be a mere formality?

Only time will tell.

Mediapersons will have loads of pointed questions, that’s for sure. But, the chairman or a member of the Pay Commission will have to reply. If that happens, there are chances of getting some authentic information today.

Meanwhile, most of the English dailies have claimed that only a 15 percent salary hike is possible. But, their explanation is incomprehensible.

It has to be mentioned here that none of the leading employees associations, like the NC JCM and the Confederation, has said anything. The representatives of these unions say that they are refraining from making comments on assumptions and guessworks.

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