Use of modified format of Life Certificate by all banks

NEW DELHI-110066
PHONES : 26174596, 26174456, 26174436

CPAO/IT&Tech/Jeevan Praman/2015-16/1680

dated 09.11.2015

Office Memorandum

Subject:- Use of modified format of Life Certificate by all banks

Attention is invited to this office OM No. CPAO/IT&Tech/Scheme Booklet/2015-16/1666 dated 16.10.2015 directing the banks to ensure that modified format of Life Certificate is used by all paying branches which also provides for acknowledgment to Pensioners. Vide Correction slip no. 24, dated 12.10.2015, the Life Certificate has been modified and circulated to all concerned. The updated format of Life Certificate has also been provided on CPAO’s website i.e.

It has been noticed that some banks are still using their own or old format of Life Certificate which is not proper. Therefore, Heads of Government Accounts/Business Department/Head of CPPCs of all the banks are requested once again to issue urgent instructions to all their branches to use only modified format of Life Certificate prescribed by CPAO and provide acknowledgment to Pensioners.

This issues with the approval competent authority.

(Vijay Singh)
Sr. Accounts Officer (Tech)

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