Typewriting test holding for the Promotion to the Grade of CIerk from MTS

No. AN/XI/11101/Examination/2012
Dated: 18/09/2012.
All PCsDA/ PCA (Fys)/CsDA
Subject: Holding of Typewriting test for Promotion of MTS to the Grade of CIerk.
Reference : In continuation of HQ letter No.AN/XI/11101/1/2004 dated 20/11/04.
The clarifications on the above subject have been sought for by some of the Controllers’ offices, consequent upon change of other educational qualification in revised RR. The following points may be noted, while conducting a typewriting test on Computer.
1. The typewriting test is a qualifying test only at speed of not less than 35 words per minute in English correspond to 9000 KDPH and 30 words per minute correspond to 9000 KDPH in Hindi and average of 5 key depressions for each word on Computer. The test will consist of one paper on running matter of 10 minutes duration. The candidates may repeat the test passage if they finished it before the expiry of the test duration.

2. The typewriting speed of a candidate would be calculated after taking into account the mistakes committed by him/her in the typewriting test. In other words, deduction of words/Key depressions on account of typing mistakes would be made from the total words/ Key depressions typed by him/her in working out his/her qualifying speed of not less than 35 words per minute in English and 30 words per minute in Hindi.

3. Answers books of candidates, who do net complete the passage of 350 words / 1750 key depressions in English or 300 words/1500 key depressions in Hindi shall not be evaluated.
4. The typewriting will be conducted by the PCsDA/CsDA concerned and question (Passage) for the subject will be prepared locally by them.
The issues with the approval of Jt. CGDA(AN).
Source: www.cgda.nic.in

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