Transmission of e-PPO(PDF & XML) to the authorized banks in fresh pension cases

CPAO/ IT&Tech/Master Data/ 14 Vol-III/P.F./2018-19/77


Office Memorandum

Subject:- Transmission of e-PPO(PDF & XML) to the authorized banks in fresh pension cases.

e-PPO project has been started for issuing electronic PPO to pensioners and to digitize the whole pension processing. The e-PPO system aims at online processing of pension cases and movement of online data from Head of Office (HoO) to Pay & Accounts Office (PAO) to CPAO to Bank for fresh as well as revision of pension cases. In this system, all the stakeholders i.e. HOO, PAO, CPAO and Banks would perform their respective work online. The main objective of this exercise is to put in place seamless transmission of pension electronically from head of office to banks for payment of pensions.

At present, pension cases in respect of central civil pensioners are being processed online through PFMS and e-PPO (XML & PDF file) is being forwarded by the Pay & Accounts Offices to CPAO.

It has now been decided to send the e-PPO (XML & PDF file] to the banks for consuming the data in their system after updating their pension software as per requirement. The physical PPO booklet along with the SSA in fresh pension cases will continue to be sent to all the banks as a parallel run till the system stabilizes.

It is also clarified that details given in Physical Booklet of PPO will be sacrosanct and supersede in case any mismatch or discrepancy arises between the data of PDF and XMI, file of e-PPO.

(Md. Shahid Kamal Ansari)
(Dy, Controller of Accounts)

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