Transfer Policy of Group A officers in Defence Accounts up JAG / NFSG level – Re-constitution of Defence Accounts Placement Board (DAPB)

Controller General of Defence Accounts issued Notification regarding Constitution of Defence Accounts Placement Board (DAPB) for implementation of Supreme Court’s Judgement dated 31.10.2013 in WP (Civil) No. 82/2011.

Office of the Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt – 110 010


No. AN/I/1201/SC/82/2011                                                  Dated : 16 June 2015

Subject : Constitution of Defence Accounts Placement Board (DAPB) for implementation of Supreme Court’s Judgement dated 31.10.2013 in WP (Civil) No. 82/2011.

Reference : Office of the CGDA Notification of even No. dated 31.12.2013.

The Defence Accounts Placement Boards (DAPB) were constituted for implementation of Supreme Court’s judgment dated 31.10.2013 in WP (Civil) No. 82/2011, for various levels of officers and staff. The purpose of DAPB is to put in place an arm’s length system and bring about efficiency in decentralized decision making in the process of transfer/posting of personnel for the sake of fairness and transparency. Keeping this in view, it has been decided by the Competent Authority to reconstitute the DAPB for Group ‘A’ officers up to JAG/NFSG level. Accordingly in partial modification of this office earlier notification quoted above (issued with approval of the then CGDA), the following shall be the composition of the DAPB so far as it relates to Group ‘A’ officers up to JAG/NFSG level:

Level – II: For Group ‘A’ officers up to JAG / NFSG level

Chair Shri Alok Chaturvedi, Deputy Director General (F), UIDAI, New Delhi
Member  Ms. Anuradha Prasad, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, New Delhi
Member Shri SG Dastidar, Controller of Aid Accounts & Audit, New Delhi

2. The convener of the Committee will be the Senior ACGDA (AN-I) who shall be responsible for the data integrity. The DAPB will meet at regular intervals as on required basis for finalizing proposals for transfer/posting of Group ‘A’ Officers up to JAG/NFSG level. The DAPB quorum will be treated as complete with presence of Chair and one member, in case one member is not available. When the Chair is not present, the senior most member will preside over the meeting. Representations, if any, on the transfer/posting will also be considered by the DAPB during its regular meeting.

3. In order to ensure fairness and transparency as enjoined in Supreme Court’s Judgement dated 21.10.2013, the DAPB has been reconstituted by co-opting officers presently serving outside of the Department on deputation and are not likely to return to the cadre in next 6 months. Steps will be taken to make the process of transfer/posting as transparent as it can get, based on feedback from stakeholders from time to time. The composition of the DAPB will be reviewed periodically every six months.

(A N Das)
Joint CGDA (Admin)

Download Controller General of Defence Accounts Notification No. AN/I/1201/SC/82/2011 Dated 16 June 2015

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