The CGHS Pune Rate Card for 2021 has been revised in PDF format

Download CGHS Pune Package Rate List 2021 PDF | Latest CGHS Package Pune Rate List PDF

CGHS Pune RATES FOR HOSPITALS – 2014 (Updated on 20th April 2021)

CGHS Pune updated Rate Card 2021 PDF

Pune CGHS Treatment Procedure and Investigation Package Rate List

CGHS package rate Pune 2014 updated on 20.04.2021

Consultation OPD135135
Consultation- for Inpatients270270
Dressings of wounds5058
Suturing of wounds with local anesthesia108124
Aspiration Plural Effusion – Diagnostic120138
Aspiration Plural Effusion – Therapeutic193222
Abdominal Aspiration – Diagnostic345397
Abdominal Aspiration – Therapeutic460529
Pericardial Aspiration380437
Joints Aspiration317365
Biopsy Skin230265
Removal of Stitches3641
Phimosis Under LA13111508
Sternal puncture173199
Injection for Haemorrhoids414476
Injection for Varicose Veins350403
Dilatation of Urethra500575
Incision & Drainage420483
Intercostal Drainage125144
Peritoneal Dialysis13191517
Excision of Moles345397
Excision of Warts310357
Excision of Molluscum contagiosum130150
Excision of Veneral Warts160184
Excision of Corns140161
I/D Injection Keloid97112
Chemical Cautery (s)110127
Subconjunctival/subtenon’s injections in one eyes6979
Subconjunctival/subtenon’s injections in both eyes138158
Pterygium Surgery55006325
Conjunctival Peritomy5867
Conjunctival wound repair or exploration following blunt trauma33003795
Removal of corneal foreign body115132
Cauterization of ulcer/subconjunctival injection in one eye6979
Cauterization of ulcer/subconjunctival injection in both eyes138159
Corneal grafting—Penetrating keratoplasty57506613
Corneal grafting—Lamellar keratoplasty50005750

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