Strength of Central Government Pensioners as on 01.01.2014

Strength of Pensioners as on 01.01.2014 : Pensioners can be broadly categorised into Civil and Defence. Within civil pensioners there exist three broad categories: Central Civil, Railways and Post.

As on 01.01.2014, as per data reported to the Commission, the total number of pensioners were 51.96 lakh. The category wise break up is shown in the pie chart below

strength of pensioners-2Pensioners and Family Pensioners
The break-up of the total 51.96 lakh pensioners as on 01.01.2014 between pensioners and family pensioners, category wise, is as under:

strength of pensioners-1

The table above brings out the following:
i. Of the total 51.96 lakh pensioners as on 01.01.2014, 11.83 lakh viz., 23 percent were family pensioners.

ii. Civilian pensioners consisting of Central Government Civil, Railways and Posts, as on 01.01.2014 number 27.81 lakh while defence pensioners (including defence civilians were 24.15 lakh. Defence pensioners (including defence family pensioners and defence civilians) constitute 47 percent of all pensioners.

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