Salary and Travelling Allowance to retired Railway Staff re-engaged in Railways

Salary and Travelling Allowance to retired Railway Staff re-engaged in Railways


No.II/57/Part I

Dated: 02-07-2018

The Secretary (E)
Railway Board
New Delhi

Dear sir,

Sub: Salary and Travelling Allowance to retired Railway Staff re-engaged in Railways – reg.

vide Railway Board’s instructions under letter No.E(NG)II/2007/RC-4/CORE/I dated 16/10/2017 [Item (vii) of para 2], it has been stipulated that the monthly remuneration of a retired employee being re-engaged be determined by reducing pension from his/her last pay drawn (i.e Basic Pay + DA). also vide Board’s letter dated 12/12/2017, the maximum age limit for re-engagement of retired hands has been enhanced to 65 years from 62 years.

Federation received grievances from the re-engaged retired hands with regard to non-payment of their legitimate dues as mentioned below:-

The re-engaged retired employees, when they work on continuous duty roster under HOER, they are denied payment of salary for performing extra hours of work beyond duty roster hours (i.e. 12 hours duty against duty hours of 8 hours).

When the retired employee is sent out of his headquarter station for performing duties at out station, he is denied payment of TA (daily allowance) on the plea that the Railway Board has not given any direction for payment of T.A., in such eventualities while payment of remuneration only is allowed as per Railway Board’s letter dated 16/10/2017.

perusal of above two points reveal that even the re-engaged retired hands, like other Railway staff, are required to be governed by the provision of HOER and when they are made to perform 12 hours duty against the rostered 8 hours, they should be paid additional wages as Over Time Allowance Similar;y, when these retired staff are sent out of their headquarters for performing duties, they should be paid Travelling Allowance (Daily Allowance) similar to the serving staff based on the rate of last basic pay drawn.

NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to consider the above valid points and issue instructions to the zonal Railway etc., for payment of Over Time Allowance and the Travelling Allowance (daily allowance) to the retired re-engaged staff similar to serving staff.

A copy of the instructions issued may be endorsed to the Federation.

Yours faithfully

General Secretary

Source : NFIR

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