Revision of designations of erstwhile Group ‘D’ staff in Railways

Revision of designations of erstwhile Group ‘D’ staff in Railways
No. PC-VI/2009/I/I/3
dated 19.12.2012
The General Secretary, AIRF, 4, State Entry Road, New Delhi
The General Secretary, NFIR, 3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi
Sub:- Revision of designations of erstwhile Group ‘D’ staff.
While recommending upgradation of all existing Group ‘D’ employees to Group ‘C’in Grade Pay Rs. 1800 (equivalent to Group ‘C’ scale of R. 2750-4400), 6th CPC in para 3.7.9 of its report has provided that job description of the Group ‘D’ posts shall be so upgraded and placed in Group ‘C’, and revised and re-defined with emphasis on multi skilling so that a single employee is able to perform various jobs. Further, DOP&T in their OM dated 30-04-2010 has suggested that single designation may be adopted for posts whose duties are similar in nature. While indicating that designation of Multi-Tasking Staff may be adopted for some common categories of posts (designation and indicative list of duties issued by DOP&T vide their letter ibid is enclosed as Annexure-I.
Since, all the pre-revised scale of Group ‘D’ staff (Rs.2550-3200, 2610-3540 & 2650-4000) has been merged and placed in a single revised pay structure PB-I, Grade Pay Rs.1800 (corresponding to pre-revised scale of Rs.2750-4400, revised designations for these staff on Railway are to be issued in consonance with the recommendations of 6 CPC.
Federations are requested to please convey their views on the above proposal regarding grouping/broad-banding of erstwhile Group ‘D’ staff and revision of their designation keeping in view of above facts in the format enclosed alongwith as Annexure-II.
Incl: As above
Yours faithfully,
for Secretary, Railway Board
Source : AIRF & NFIR

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