Restructuring of IT Cadre on Zonal Railways/PUs/RDSO etc

Restructuring of IT Cadre on Zonal Railways/PUs/RDSO etc.


RBA No. 45/2017


New Delhi, Dated :18/04/2017

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways/PUs etc.

Sub: Restructuring of IT Cadre on Zonal Railways/PUs/RDSO etc.

A Committee comprising of Executive Directors of Railway Board was constituted to review the existing Cadre restructuring of EDP Centres on Zonal Railways, Production Units & RDSO etc. and suggest changes in the light of the increasing computerization and growing emphasis on Centralized Enterprise wide applications across all departments and suggest whether a separate cadre is required for managing EDP Centres and suggest reviewed structure long with job requirements and essential qualifications and also suggest whether any special training field should be made mandatory for them in order to contribute more effectively in their assigned task.

The Executive Directors Committee have examined all the issues in consultation with both the Federations (AIRF/NFIR ) . The Ministry of Railways have considered the Report of the Committee. As a result of the review undertaken on the basis of functional, operational and administrative requirements , it has been decided with the approval of railways that Group ‘C’ categories of Senior Engineer (IT) and Junior Engineer (IT) of IT Cadre be restructured in the percentage of 67:33 respectively in accordance with the percentage of restructuring implemented for other technical categories of all Engineering Departments including Workshops Technical categories vide Board’s letter No.PC-III/2013/CRC/4 dated 08.10.2013 (RBE No 102/2013). However, while implementing re ucturing , the following instructions should be carefully and strictly adhered to:

Date of effect The restructuring of post of Senior Engineer(Information Technology) and Junior Engineer (Information Technology) will be with reference to the cadre strength in operation as on 01.04.2017. The staff who will be placed in Higher Grade pay as a result of implementation of these orders will draw pay in Higher grades w.e.f. 01.04.2017. The benefit of restructuring will be restricted to the persons who are working in a particular cadre on the cut-off-date i.e 04.2017. therefore, posts not in operation would be treated as deemed to have been surrendered, and the resultant saving equivalent to the surrendered posts will be credited to the vacancy bank.2.


  • These orders will be applicable to the permanent regular cadre operated as Revenue posts.
  • These orders will not be applicable to ex-cadre & work-charged posts which will continue to be based on worth of charge.

3.Pay Fixation

The pay of staff promoted against the additional higher grade posts as a result of restructuring (including chain/resultant vacancies) will be fixed as per Rule 13 of RS(RP) Rules,2016 with the benefit of one increment @ 3% of basic pay, with the usual option of pay fixation as per extant rules.

4.The existing classification and filling up of the vacancies

(i) The existing classification of the posts as ‘selection’ and/or ‘non-selection’ , as the case may be remains unchanged . However, for the purpose of implementation of these orders if any individual Railway servant becomes due for promotion to a post classified as a ‘selection post’ the existing selection procedure will stand modified in such a case to the extent that the selection will be based only on scrutiny of service records and confidential reports without holding any written and/or viva-voce test. This modified selection procedure has been decided upon by the Ministry of Railways as a onetime exception by special dispensation, in view of the number involved with the objective of expediting the implementation of these orders. Similarly, for posts classified as ‘non-selection’ at the time of this restructuring, the promotion will be based only on scrutiny of service records and confidential reports.

(ii) Normal vacancies existing on 01.04.2017 (except, direct recruitment quota) and those arising on that date from this cadre restructuring including/chain/resultant vacancies should be filled in the following sequence:

  • From panels approved on or before 01-04-2017And current on that date;
  • and the balance in the manner indicat ra 4 (i) above.

(iii)Such selections which have riot tien finalized by 01.04.2017 should becancelled/abandoned.

(iv) Employees who retire/resign or expire in between the period from the date of effect of these orders to the date of of these orders, will be eligible for the fixation benefits and arreatx under these orders w.e.f. 01.04.2017, if they are otherwise eligible for the said benefit.

(v) Extant instructions for D&A/Vigilance clearance will be applicable for effecting benefit of restructuring these orders with reference to date of effect of these orders.

5.Minimum years of service in each grade

While implementing the restructuring orders, instructions regarding minimum period of service required for promotion issued from time to time should be followed.

6.Basic functions, duties and responsibilities

Since IT Cadre is being restructured on functional,operational and administrative considerations , the posts being placed in higher scales of pay as a result of restructuring should include the duties and responsibilities of greater importance.

7.Provision of reservation

The extant provisions in this regard should be followed.

8. Refusal of promotion

Such of the staff as had refused promotion before issuance of these orders and stood debarred for promotion may hence be considered for promotion , in relaxation of the extant provisions as a onetime exception, if they indicate in writing that they are willing to be considered for such promotion against the vacancies existing on 01.04.2017 and arising due to restructuring on the date. The relaxation will not be applicable to vacancies arising after the date of effect i.e 01.04.2017.: 3 :

9. Matching Savings

  • Entire scheme of restructuring is to be a self-financing and expenditure neutral proposition. Financial implications should be worked out taking into account mid-value of pay structure (level) as per pay matrix notified vide Part ‘A’ of Ministry of Railways Gazette Notification dated 28.07.2016 (RBE No. 90/2016).
  • Since the benefit of restructuring will be restricted to the persons who are working in IT cadre on the cut-off date i.e. 01-04-2017, the posts not in operation would be treated as deemed to have been surrendered and the resultant saving equivalent to the surrendered posts will be credited to vacancy bank and thus the cadre restructuring would be expenditure neutral proposition. Where the money value due to such surrender proves inadequate for financing the restructuring,„exercise, the required matching surrender may be arranged at the Divisional/Zonal ‘level. There would be no cadre restructuring without matching savings by surrender of post
  • The percentage distribution of posts as per these orders is to be based upon the operational cadre strength as on 01.04.2017.

10. Annual Review

Annual review of Group ‘C’ staff of IT cadre will be undertaken w.e.f. 01.04.2018, taking into account the cadre strength as on 01.04.2018.

This issues in consultation with the Establishment and Pay Commission Directorate and with concurrence of the associate Finance Directorate of this Ministry.


(V.Pr. kash)
Joint Director (Accounts)
Railway Board.

Source: NFIR

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