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Rest Rules for Running staff of Indian Railways

Rest Rules for Running staff of Indian Railways – Directions regarding serving of call book may be pended


No. E(LL)/2009/HER/1

New Delhi, dated:.02.08.2018

The General Managers,
All Zonal Railways, PUS,
Metro Kolkata and RDSO Lucknow.

Sub: Rest Rules for running staff.

Reference para 4 of the Board’s letter of even number dated 17.07.2018 regarding serving of call book upon running staff only after completion of 16 hours rest at Headquarter and after completion of 8 hours rest at outstation.

2. The matter has been deliberated upon in detail by the Board. The Board desires that in view of paucity of running staff on the Railways, aforementioned directive of the Board may be pended till adequate number of running staff becomes available to fill up the vacancies and the issue will then be suitably reconsidered by Board.

3. This is issued with the approval of Board (MT, MS, CRB).

4. Please acknowledge receipt.

(Ms. Manju)
Jt. Dir/E(LL)
Railway Board


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