Rendering of Life Certificate by Ex-Servicemen

Rendering of Life Certificate by Ex-Servicemen:

Regarding submission of Life Certificate by Ex-Servicemen and circumstances in which personal appearance is exempted. The list of Officers Authorized to sign Life Certificates is also given in this post. Image of Life Certificate for Ex-servicemen and Certificate of Re-marriage/marriage are also given below. The message by DESA Blog in this regard:

Dear Veteran,

Gentle reminder that during the month of November , you are required to render a life certificate to the bank from where you are drawing your pension . Submission of this Certificate is essential for the bank to continue with disbursal of your pension.



The formats can be downloaded here life_certificate_COMPLETE_For ESM

This certificate can be submitted in any branch of the bank, but please retain the receipt of submitting the certificate. Those veterans who are abroad may submit the certificate to the local branch of the bank. The certificate is to be issued by an authorised official of the embassy / High Commission of India or Consul of Indian Consulates or a Notary Public or an Officer of an Indian Authorised Bank attached its branch in the country where the pensioner is residing.

Personal appearance is exempted under the following circumstances:-
(Please click here to download the complete list Exemption from Personal Appearance for LTA)

  • Pensioners desiring to draw his/her pension through authorised agent. For this the pensioner has to execute Indemnity Bond, and to submit life certificate once in a year.
  • Pensioners of rank (high status) such pensioners may be privately identified by PDA and he need not be required to appear at a public office.
  • Pensioners exempted by Local Govt. for personal appearance such pensioners have to produce life certificate in 6 months.
  • Pensioners unable to appear in person due to bodily illness or infirmity. Such pensioners have to submit life certificates in 6 months.
  • Severely wounded and infirm pensioners, subject to production of life certificate.
  • Female pensioners who are not accustomed to appear in public. She has to produce life certificate and non-re-marriage certificate.
  • Children owing to illness and very young children subject to production of life certificate signed by the official of the Revenue department.
  • Armed forces pensioners(PBOR) re-employed in various institutions such as Railways, Mills or private firms of Standing, etc. subject to production of life certificate and authority for payment to a representative.
  • Armed forces pensioners (other then those mentioned in clause(viii) above subject to production of life certificate once in six months on IAFA-409.
  • Gorkha pensioners living in Nepal or a pensioner in Bhutan and is physically unable to draw pension in person, payment may be made through a Pension Disbursing Authority in India or Indian Embassy, Nepal to a representative who produces the pensioner’s pension certificate and life certificate on IAFA-409.
  • Armed forces Pensioners residing in Pauri Garhwal and Chamoli districts. Such pensioners will be required to make one journey with his representative to the Pension Disbursing Authority and state personally to him that he desires his pension to be paid in future through the representative. The PDA will record the identification mark of the representative who will be permitted to draw the pension on production of pensioner’s certificate and life certificate signed by either two male armed force pensioners or by a pensioned Officer.
  • Pensioners drawing pension through Money order.
  • If you are unfortunately a wheel chair bound pensioner, then you can speak to your branch manager to send some one to your home and get your Life Certificate signed by you.

Officers Authorised to sign Life Cerificates
Life certificates issued/signed by one or other of the following authorities/persons can be accepted:-

  • A serving or pensioned person exercising the powers of a Magistrate under the criminal procedure code (Act-V of 1898).
  • A registrar or sub-registrar appointed under the Indian Registration Act 1908 (XVI of 1908).
  • A Gazetted Officer.
  • A Munsif.
  • A police officer not below the rank of Sub-Inspector in charge of Police station.
    Master, a Departmental Sub-Post Master or an Inspector of Post Office.
  • Officers of the Reserve Bank of India and other PSBs in respect of pensioners drawing pension from Banks.
  • The head of the village Panchayat, Gram Panchayat or Head of an executive committee of a village.
  • Retired Commissioned Officers of the Armed Forces in respect of pension bill form IAFA-319 of Commissioned Officers, departmental Officers and Warrant Officers.


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