Reimbursement of Guest Room Accommodation Charges to Defence Service Personnel

Message No. 06/2021

Reimbursement of “Transit Accommodation/ Guest Room Accommodation Charges” to Defence Service Personnel during the temporary stay in State Bhawan/ Guest Houses/ Departmental Guest Houses Run by Central Govt./ State Govt / Autonomous Orgs

  1. As per Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No.1 (1)/2019-D (Q&C)/ Vol-I dated 04/05/2020 adopting the provisions of MoF, Department of Expenditures O.M. No. 2/05/2018-E.II (B) dated 01/02/2019, Army officers are entitled to reimbursement of Transit Accommodation/ Guest Room Accommodation Charges as per the ibid order.
  2. In this regard, Army Officers are requested to refer to ADGPS letter No. B/25451/Doc Pro Offrs/AG/PS- 3(D)/07/2020 dated 24th Dec 2020 regarding the procedure for claiming the reimbursement and guidance.
Reimbursement of Guest Room Accommodation charges to Defence Staffs

DoE: Reimbursement of rent to Central Government Servants

Source: PCDA

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