Railway Bonus 2018 – PLB 78 Days to Railway Employees

Railway Bonus 2018 – PLB 78 Days will be declared Soon

Railway Bonus 2018 – PLB for 2017-18 equivalent to 78 days wages will be declared Soon to railway employees

Railway Board informed in its letter to the Two railway federations NFIR and AIRF that a meeting would be held on 7.8.2018 to finalise about the Productivity Linked Bonus for the Financial Year 2017-18 to be paid in current year 2018.

But so far, no Federation has revealed the out come of that meeting. But it is believed that there will be no change in the Bonus amount for this year 2018 also.

For 2015-16 the productivity-linked bonus (PLB) equivalent to 78-day wages was paid in 2016 to Railway Employees.

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