Railway Board Orders : Creation of posts on the Railways


No. E(MPP)2012/1/10

RBE No.96/2012
Dated 4.09.2012

The GMs/CAOs(R),

All Indian Railways & Production Units

(As per mailing list)

Sub: Creation of posts on the Railways.
Ref: Boards letter No. E(G)82 EC2-2 dated 12/07/1984.
In terms of Railway Board’s letter No. E(G)82 EC2-2 dated 12.07.84, and letter No.E(NG)II//91/PO/Genl/2 dated 24/06/ 1991 as amended from time to time, GMs are empowered to create non-gazetted posts chargeable to revenue only for new assets and new organizations, with matching surrender and in consultation with their FA&CAOs. In terms of Board’s letter No. E(G)98 EC 2-3 dated 03/08/1998, General Managers were permitted to delegate the powers of creation of non-gazetted posts for the maintenance and operation of the new assets, with matching surrender of posts, to the DRMs. Further, in terms of Board’s letter No.E(MPP)2003/1/88 dated 05/04/2006 on the subject of Creation of posts required for maintenance, and operation of new assets”, it was decided that DRMs may be allowed to create the posts in Safety and Operational categories on 1:1 basis, i.e. by surrendering 1 post in a particular grade, a fresh post can simultaneously be created in the same lower grade, with the approval of General Manager.
2. Queries have been received from some Railways which give the impression that Board’s instructions on the subject have not been correctly understood by the Railways and hence the following clarifications are issued.
3. It is clarified that General Managers can create posts for new assets/organizations and that DRMs can create posts only for new assets and that for creation of a other posts on Zonal Railways, for operation and statutory requirements as also those required for Vigilance and Security organizations, approval of the Railway Board is required. The term ‘new assets’ was always intended to include not only assets created by or through works executed by the Construction Organization (including Railway Electrification) but also all assets created or acquired by the open line organization. All additions to rolling stock as distinct from replacements (debitable to Capital) are also treated as ‘new assets’ for this purpose. As regards a ‘new organization’, the same Is defined as an organization, with specified structure and hierarchy, newly created, for a specific purpose and the need for which has been specifically accepted/approved by the Railway Board.
4. Railways/PUs are required to follow these clarifications strictly.
5. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.


(Anil Wason )
Railway Board

Source: www.indianrailways.gov.in

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