Punjab Government to switch over E-office in government departments

Punjab Government to switch over E-office in government departments

Chandigarh: Ushering in a change in handling of work, Punjab government will switch over from manual style to the electronic mode with the implementation of ‘E-Office’ project in all state administration departments.

The project will be implemented in all deputy commissioner and divisional commissioner’s offices at a cost of Rs 29.11 crore, an official spokesperson said adding work flow based ‘E-office’ system will replace existing manual handling and transfer of files and documents with an efficient electronic system.

He said this new system comprises modules like file management system (e-file), knowledge management system (KMS) and collaboration and messaging services (CAMS) for conducting government office procedures electronically in more efficient mode.

Giving details, he said it includes electronic file movement, work flow automation, archival and e-record management, content and document management, collaboration and messaging service, single standard based directory service, unified view of data, electronic communication and identity and accessing management role.

The project will cost Rs 29.11 crore which includes Rs 11.50 crore on back-end infrastructure and support, Rs 6.66 crore on local area networking infrastructure, Rs 7.95 crore on computing infrastructure and Rs 3 crore on training labs and setting up central registry unit, the spokesman said.


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