Promotion of Grade-I (Under Secretary) officers of CSS to the Selection Grade (Deputy Secretary) on ad-hoc basis – Furnishing of personal information thereof.

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi -110003
Dated the 13 February, 2015.


Subject: Promotion of Grade-I (Under Secretary) officers of CSS to the Selection Grade (Deputy Secretary) on ad-hoc basis – Furnishing of personal information thereof.

The undersigned is directed to say that ad-hoc promotions of officers of Grade-I (Under Secretary) of CSS to the Selection Grade (Deputy Secretary) are likely to be made shortly.
2. As Officers are aware, this Department has proposed a revised rotational transfer policy in respect of CSS Officers. It has, therefore, been considered appropriate to decide posting of officers henceforth on transfer and on promotion as per the proposed policy, on the
following parameters:

(i) Ministries /Departments are categorized into Group A and Group B for posting! transfer;

(ii) The proposed RTP provides a tenure of five years for DS in a Ministry Department, including continuous tenure rendered in any other designation in the same Ministry Department;

(iii) In Group A, certain Ministries qualify for a reduced tenure by one year;

(iv) An officer on transfer! promotion shall ordinarily be posted from Group A- Group B and Group B- Group A as the case may be,  if they have completed the prescribed tenure for the promotional post;

(v) Officers who are within two years of superannuation will be retained in the same Ministry/Department if a vacancy in the promotional grade is available; In the absence of a vacancy such officer will be transferred out;

(vi) Officers within six months’ of superannuation will not be posted out on promotion; In the absence of a vacancy of the promotional post, such officer will be adjusted in the same Ministry/Department by personal upgradation of the post;

(vii) For calculation of residency in a Ministry! Department, 2 years/six months for superannuation as the case may be, the last date of the month in which promotion order/posting order is issued will be taken as the cut-off date; accordingly, for posting! promotion in this round, the cutoff date has been taken as 28.2.2015.

(viii) The Placement Committee will decide posting of officers on the basis of seniority, preference, past postings etc.

3. The list of brief details of officers who are likely to be considered for promotion is at Annexure-I. Information relating to vacancies in DS!Director grade of CSS as on 01.03.2015 is at Annexure-II.

4. The officers excluding those who are to be retained as per revised policy are requested to exercise their option for posting in the Ministries/Departments in the other Group latest by 16.2.2015 in the format at Annexure-III to Under Secretary, CS-I (D), Department of Personnel and Training through e-mail ( or fax number given below. Hard copies of the same may also be furnished immediately. The officers on deputation may also insdicate thier willingness to avail the ad-hoc promotion. Maximum three choices within the available vacancies may be exercise. If option is not received by 16.2.2015, it will be presumed that the officer has no specific choice and posting will be decided by the Placement Committee accordingly.

(Biswajit Banerjee)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

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