Process to accept/reject GST TDS-Credit

Process to accept/reject GST TDS-Credit – RBA No 120 /2018


RBA No. 120 /2018

GST Circular No. 45 /2018

No. 2018/AC-II/1/46

15th November, 2018

Principal Financial Advisers,
All Zonal Railways and Production Units

Sub:- Process to accept/reject GST TDS-Credit.

GSTN portal has come up with a functionality to accept or reject GST-TDS summary, as deducted by Railway’s PSU customer, In this regard, Railway Board’s GST Consultants have prepared a process flow which is attached for information and necessary action. CRIS will place a MIS report which will contain Principal Railway wise, Customer GSTIN wise summary data in the GST manual utility, which may be relied upon to accept the GST-TDS that is residing in Principal Railway’s GSTIN. In case the difference between the CRIS report and the figure that is getting reflected in the Railway’s GSTIN is substantial, then the data needs to be rejected and necessary, follow-up action needs to be taken for recovery of the TDS amount from the Railway Customer.

Necessary feedback on the above may be sent to Railway Board’s office in email, so that a comprehensive review may be done for any follow-up action required.

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