PCDA Circular: Revision of Pension of Pre-2006 Pensioners/Family Pensioners who retired as NCC WTOs (Male) in the rank of Lt.Col

Office of the PR.Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) issued a circular  regarding  revision  of pension  of pre-2006 pensioners/family   pensioners,  who  retired as NCC WTOs (Male) in the rank of Lt. Col.


Circular  No. :  C-141

Dated:   11/06/2015

Director General  NCC
Govt.  of India.Min of Defence
West  Block -IV,R K Puram
New Delhi-110  066.

Sub: Revision of Pension of Pre-2006 Pensioners/Family Pensioners who retired as NCC WTOs (Male) in the rank of Lt.Col.


A Copy of MoD D(GS-VI) Section letter No. NCC/PC/11629/NCC HQ/MS(B)/1329/D(GS-Vl)/2013 dated 13.01.2014, regarding  revision  of pension  of pre-2006  pensioners/family   pensioners,  who  retired as NCC WTOs (Male) in the rank of Lt. Col. is enclosed  herewith for information and  necessary  action.  In order to implement  the instructions contained in above  letter,  please  obtain  application  (proforma  attached)  from  the pensioners retired as  NCC  WTOs (Male)  in the  rank  of  Lt.  Col.  and forward  the  same  after  completion  of  application  for  issue of  revised Corr. PPOs.

(Dr. Upinderbir  Singh)
Dy CDA (P)

No: G1/C/0183Nol-1/Tech
Dated:    11/06/2015



Part- I
(Head of Office)

Sub:     Revision  of Pension of Pre-2006  Pensioners/Family   Pensioners  who retired as NCC WTOs(Male)  in the rank of Lt. Col.

1.         Name
2.         PPO No. (in  r/o all PPOs issued by this Office)
3.         Present Pension details by attaching the copy of pension Pass Book
4.         Date of retirement
5.         Date of death of the pensioner
6.         Post last held
7.         Current  PDA details
(i)         PDA Name
(ii)        PDA Station
(iii)       Name of Bank & Branch
(iv)       Bank Account  No.

8.         Present address of the applicant(with Pin Code)


    Signature  of Pensioner

(To be filled & verified by concerned PAO, NPO & AFCAO as the case may be)

8.A Pay Scale    IVth CPC


8.B Minimum  of pay in the Pay Band and the} a. Minimum  of Pay in the Pay Band :
Grade Pay corresponding  to pre revised }
Pay scale as on 01.01.06                        }  b. Pay Scale

9. Last  Pay drawn (with details of   Rank Pay. Stagnation  increment  if any)

Date :

Signature of PAO/NPO/AFCAO with Seal

(To be filled by Head of Office)

    10.  Qualifying  Service
11.  Service as NCC WTOs(Male) in the rank of Lt. Col. :
12.  Pay Scale   IVth CPC & Vth CPC
13.       Last  Pay drawn (with details of Rank Pay. Stagnation  increment)

Date:                                                         Signature  of HOO with Seal


    Government  of India
Ministry of  Defence

The   Director   General
National  Cadet   Corps
West    Block-VI,    RK  Puram
New   Delhi-110066

Subject :   Revision   of  pay   scales  of  Ex-NCC  Whole   Time  Officers – (WTOs) in the rank  of  Lt.Col. for  the purpose of pensionary benefits

I am directed to refer  to Government letter No.15324/HQDGNCC/Coord/532/D(GS-VI)/98 dated 29th May 1998 and to say  that    the   question    of  revision   of  pay   scales  of  WTOs (Retired) working    earlier     with    NCC organization  the rank of  Lt. Col.  has been examined  in this Ministry  in consultation with    Defence(Finance) and Ministry of   Finance, Department of expenditure  for the purpose grant  of  pension    and   pensionary  benefits (revised)   to  them.     It  has  been decided that erstwhile WTOs (NCQ) in   the rank of  Lt. Col. hitherto being governed by SAI  9/S/74 for  the   purpose   of Pay   and    Allowances subject to deduction of Rs.50/- per month due to a abolition  of  Special Disturbance Allowance  w.e.f.    1st January, 1973, will be placed  in Pay
Band-III   (Rs.15600-39100) with   the corresponding  grade pay (Rs.7600) for  the   purpose    of revision   of pensionary   benefits   w.e.f.    1.1.2006.

2.  NCC  HQrs will take necessary action in  the  matter in consultation with PCDA Allahabad.

3. This  issues  with the approval of Ministry of Finance, Department  of  Expenditure vide their  Id Note No.24/EV/2014 dated 13.1.2014 and  concurrence of  Ministry of  Defence (Finance/AG)  vide their ID No.1(82)/20.13-AG/PA(554-PA dated 13.01.2014.

(N. B. MANI)
Under Secretary  to the Government of  India

Download PR.Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) Circular No.C-141 Dated 11.06.2015

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