Payment of Incremental Pay to piece workers in OFB

Payment of Incremental Pay to piece workers in OFB

BPMS published OFB orders on its portal that the payment of incremental pay to piece workers for working beyond 443/4 hrs and upto 48 hrs in a week under departmental rules.

A committee was constituted by DGOP and Chairman, OFB to study the above subject and to submit its recommendations. In the second meeting of the committee held on 15th Oct 2014, the official side has shown gross unwillingness and utter disagreed to consider the genuineness and acceptability of the justified demand of the 45000 Industrial workers deployed on piece work system, who happens to be the backbone of the organizational functioning.

This is a very unfortunate development, particularly in the light of the fact that in the indefinite strike negotiation meeting held on 6.2.2014, it was agreed by MoD that the demand will be examined and a justifiable decision will be taken. Since the very stand taken by the official side representatives of the federations who are members of the committee are left with no other option rather than to submit a separate report for the consideration of DGOF & Chariman and MoD. Accordingly we representatives of the three federations submit our report on each of the terms of reference, which in conformity with the views expressed by the federations in the MoD meeting deated 6.2.2014 and agreed by MoD.

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