“Pay Taxes with Fine” – Notice to Government Employees

“Pay Taxes with Fine” – Notice to Government Employees

Since the amount deducted from the government employees was not transferred to the Income Tax department properly, the government has now sent notices to employees to pay income taxes with penalty. Not surprisingly, the government employees are not happy about it.

Employees with annual salary of more than Rs. 2 lakhs have to pay income tax. After the formation of the new government at the Centre, headed by Narendra Modi, the amount was raised to Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

The time duration for paying taxes for last year’s income ended in July this year. Everyone, including salaried persons, businessmen, industries, and individuals, was busy filing up the tax returns and submitting them.

Government employees’ taxes were deducted from their salaries each month. But the amount that was deducted from the salaries was not transferred from the state treasuries and audit offices to the Income Tax Department. Those who had filed their I-T returns received notices from the I-T Department that their taxes were not paid and that they will have to immediately pay the due amounts with penalties.

Employees of many departments, including the Income Tax Department, continue to receive these notices.

“Why are we being asked to pay the penalty if the State Governments didn’t transfer the deducted amount to the I-T department?” complain the government employees.

“The Government has already deducted taxes from our salaries. It is the Government’s job to hand the money over to the I-T department. We are not going to pay the penalty,” is the reply from many of the employees to the notice.

An officer of the state treasury said, “The amount deducted as income tax is being sent to the I-T department in parts. The government employees need not panic.”

“If the deducted amount is transferred regularly, then such troubles wouldn’t come at all. We hope the State Governments ensure that such blunders don’t happen in future,” the government employees say.

Source: www.govtenews.com

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