NFIR’s PNM item No. 30/2018 – Revision of criteria for Diet Charges for patients admitted in Railway hospitals


Railway hospitals


No. 2005/H/23/6

New Delhi, dated : 13.06.2018

General Managers
All Indian Railways
(Including PUs & RDSO)

Sub: NFIR’s PNM item No. 30/2018 – Revision of criteria for “Diet Charges” for patients admitted in Railway hospitals – regarding.

Ref: This office letter of even number dated 29.10.2010.

The issue of revision of criteria for free/concessional diet for patients admitted in railway hospitals has been engaging the attention of Ministry of Railways for some time. In the meantime, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India vide their Office Memorandum no S.11011/11/2016-CGHS (P)/EHS dated 09.01.2017 have revised the criteria for diet charges respect of CGHS medical beneficiaries. The Basic pay ceiling for free diet in respect of CGHS beneficiaries has been revised as under:

(i) Basic pay / pension / family pension eligible for free diet – Rs. 44,900/-
(ii) Basic pay/pension/family pension eligible for free diet in case of those suffering from TB or mental diseases – Rs. 69,700/-.
(iii) No provision for concessional diet.

After careful consideration in the matter, it has been decided that the criteria of diet charge fixed by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for CGHS beneficiaries be adopted mutatis-mutandis for Railway beneficiaries. Accordingly, the revised criteria for diet charges in respect of Railway Medical beneficiaries would henceforth be as under:

(I) Monetary ceiling limit of Rs. 44,900/- (after implementation of 7th CPC) of basic pay/pension/family pension for the purpose of providing free diet to railway medical beneficiaries;

(II) Removal of provision of concessional diet charges contained in instructions dated 29.02.2010; and

(III) Monetary ceiling s. 69,700/- of basic pay/pension/family pension for the purpose of providing free diet to railway medical beneficiaries suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) or mental disease.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate in the Ministry of Railways.

Joint Director, Health
Railway Board

Source : NFIR

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