NFIR’s Memorandum to Seventh Central Pay Commission – Including Proposed Pay Structure

NFIR’s Memorandum to Seventh Central Pay Commission – Including Proposed Pay Structure

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen


The demand for setting up of “VII Central Pay Commission” raised by NFIR and consistent struggles by the employees in support of it, had compelled the Central Government to issue Notification vide No. 1/1/2013-E.III (A) dated 28th February 2014, constituting 7th CPC under the Chairmanship of Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur.

Thereafter, NFIR received communication from VII CPC seeking memorandum. Accordingly, this Memorandum has been drafted and finalized after lengthy discussions with Federation office Bearers and representatives of affiliated Unions.

Preparation of comprehensive and exhaustive Memorandum relating to duties, responsibilities, complexities, accountability, pay structures granted from time to time and finalizing the proposed pay structure and allowances etc., to be placed before 7th CPC covering all categories of railway employees was a gigantic task which has however been accomplished due to the co-operation and assistance extended by our office bearers and members.

Marathon Sessions commenced from June, 4, 2014 onwards in association with hundreds of Cadre as well staff and the inputs provided on job profiles of each category have contributed a lot for the preparation of this massive Memorandum. During the lengthy deliberations, NFIR Office Bearers have taken part effectively and assisted the team members for preparation of cogent draft, which has been finalized after vetting more than once. Entire NFIR Secretariat has contributed a lot by working overtime continuously during the process of shaping memorandum within the time schedule. They deserve special compliments for their devotion throughout the period of 55 days from June 4, 2014.

Every attempt has been made to bring out in the memorandum, the intricacies of the Railways working, complex nature of duties combined with risk factors besides the fact that due justice was not done by previous Pay Commissions to the rail work force to facilitate VII CPC to consider all these aspects.

I am confident that the Railway Employees would feel satisfied of the material placed in the Memorandum and equally pay structures and allowances etc., proposed for consideration of 7th CpC.

I welcome comments, observations and views of the readers which may be useful for taking further action.

JULY 28, 2014


Download NFIR’s Memorandum to 7th CPC

Source: NFIR

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