NFIR: Administrative / disciplinary action against Malpractices Detected by Executive


RBV No. 05/2018

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
Railway Board

No. 2018/V1/VP/1/5
May 2018

New Delhi, dated 23/5/2018

The General Manager(Vigilance)
Zonal Railways

Director Generals /
RDSO/LKO & NAIR/Vadodara

Chief Vigilance Officers/PUs/PSUs

Sub: Administrative / disciplinary action against Malpractices Detected by Executive

A Zonal Railway has recently detected two cases wherein salary payments have been made to non- existent staff. These two cases were detected by the Personnel/Finance Departments who subsequently handed over these cases to Vigilance for further inquiry.

Administrative/ disciplinary action against malpractices is the primary responsibility of the Executive. It is important that the concerned department which has discovered he fraud takes appropriate administrative /disciplinary action on its own initiative in cases where clear irregularity has been detected by them. Administrative action such as suspension/transfer to prevent further damage and tampering of evidence should be taken immediately. Issuing of charge-sheet for fraud discovered by the department itself should be initiated by the department concerned where clear cut irregularity has already been identified, instead of waiting for a further investigation by Vigilance. Immediate action is necessary to ensure that there is visible impact and a message that the administration will come down hard on corruption is sent down the line.

Nevertheless, when cases where clear-cut prima facie corruption/irregularity have occurred, such as in the cases mentioned above, and these have been handed over to vigilance for further investigation, they must be investigated on top priority. Vigilance must work towards completing the investigation reports and putting them up as per procedure within a period of 15 days. Delay occurring due to non-availability of documents or obtaining of clarificatory statements etc, may be brought to the notice of the PHODs/GM for quick resolution.

Necessary action in this regard may be taken accordingly. This has been issued with approval of PED/Vigilance.

DA/As above.

(Rajnish Kumar)
Director Vigilance (M)
Railway Board

Source : NFIR

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