Modernisation of Ordnance Factories

Ministry of Defence

Modernisation of Ordnance Factories

05 MAR 2018

To keep pace with contemporary manufacturing technologies, Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) has undertaken modernisation of Ordnance Factories including the six factories located in the State of Tamil Nadu. In addition to modernisation of Plant & Machinery, capacity augmentation programme is also under way in three factories namely Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi, Engine Factory Avadi and Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project, Trichy.

Details of factory-wise expenditure incurred in the year 2016-17 on modernisation of the six Ordnance Factories located in the State of Tamil Nadu are as follows:

Factory Investment on Plant & Machinery and Civil Works on capacity creation & augmentation Expenditure on Renewal & Replacement of Plant & Machinery
(i) Heavy Vehicles Factory,  Avadi 554.00 24.59
(ii) Engine Factory  Avadi 234.00 5.30
(iii) Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project, Trichy 35.19 12.19
(iv) Ordnance Factory, Trichy 6.65
(v) Ordnance Clothing Factory, Avadi 1.22
(vi) Cordite Factory  Aruvankadu 2.93

This information was given by RakshaRajyaMantriDr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to ShrimatiSasikalaPushpain Rajya Sabha today.


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