Merger of Sr.PWS with JE/P.Way – Pay fixation


No: PC-III/2016/FE-II/3

Dated 09.12.2016.

The General Secretary, NFIR,
3, Chelmsford Road,
New Delhi-55.

Sub: Merger of Sr.PWS with JE/P.Way – Pay fixation.
Ref: NFIR’s letter no. I/2/Part III dated 12-09-2016 & PNM/NFIR item no.53/2016.

With reference to NFIR’s letter ibid, the issue of granting of benefit of pay fixation in the case of enbloc merger of Sr.P.Way Supervisors with JE/P. Way was re-examined in detail in consultation with Finance Directorate and it was observed that due to the following reasons, pay fixation benefit under rule 1313(i) of Establishment Code Vol.II may not be allowed in the case of enbloc merger of Sr.PWS to JE/P.Way.

(i) As per rule 1313 (FR22)(i) (a)(1) R-II, pay fixation benefit under this rule is allowed subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility conditions as prescribed in the relevant recruitment Rules. This conditions is not fulfilled during enbloc merger of Sr.PWS with JE/P.Way.

(ii) While phasing out the category of PWS in pre-revised scale Rs. 4500-7000 + Rs. 100 (spl.allowance) and introduction of new category of Sr.PWS in pre-revised pay scale Rs.5000-8000 vide Board’s letter dated 22-03-2007, pay fixation benefit under Rule 1313 (FR 22) (I) (a) (1) R-II has already been given to the P.Way Supervisors.

(iii) As Sr.PWSs and JE/P Ways were in the identical scale PB-2, Grade Pay Rs. 4200, while issuing orders for enbloc merger of Sr.PWS with JE/P.Way, both the posts (Sr.PWS & JE/P.Way) were deemed to be equal.

Further, it is stated that as per instructions laid down in Board’s letter no. PC-VI/2011/IC/1 dated 12-09-2013, benefit of pay fixation under Rule 13 of RSRP Rules-2008 is only allowed to the Sr.PWS who were promoted as JE/P.Way betweeen the period from 01-01-2006 to 02-07-2013 (prior to merger of Sr.PWS with JE/P.Way).

Yours faithfully,
General Secretary
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)

Source: NFIR

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