Leading Newspapers gives green signal to approve DA today

Leading Newspapers gives green signal to approve DA today:

Reeling under the inordinate delay, nearly fifty lakh Central Government employees and Pensioners are likely to get approval eight percent hike in Dearness allowance today.

The proposal to hike in the Dearness allowance from 72% to 80% to CG Staff and Pensioners, the Cabinet Committee may approve the agenda to increase Dearness allowance in its meeting scheduled for Thursday, sources said.

Early the Finance Ministry issued authentic orders to release enhanced payment at revised rates on DA to all ministries/departments to all eligible employees…

Finance Ministry order on Dearness allowance with effect from January year wise report…

DA from Jan 2013 (1.1.2013)  – ?

DA from Jan 2012 (1.1.2012) – 03.04.2012

DA from Jan 2011 (1.1.2011) – 24.03.2011

DA from Jan 2010 (1.1.2010) – 26.03.2010

DA from Jan 2009 (1.1.2009) – 13.03.2009

DA from Jan 2008 (1.1.2008) – 17.03.2008

DA from Jan 2007 (1.1.2007) – 22.03.2007

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