Latest official details of Defence Pensioners – PCDA released

Profile of Defence Pensioners as on April 2015
As on 01.04.2015 the Defence Accounts Department is servicing 24.61 lakhs pensioners, spread across the country.

The category wise details of pensioners is as under:

Sl.No. Category Number of Pensioners
1. Commissioned Officers 58,754
2. P.B.O.R. 18,40,809
3. Defence Civilians 5,62,088
Total 24,61,651

The details of pensioners drawing pension from various PDAs is summarized as under:

Sl.No. Name of PDA Number of Pensioners Percentage
1. Public/ Private Sector Banks 18,42,092 74.83
2. DPDOs 4,60,336 18.70
3. Distt. Treasuries 60,752 2.47
4. IE Nepal 92,876 3.77
5. Post Office 4,496 0.18
6. PAOs 1,099 0.05
Total 24,61,651 100

On an average 45,000 Defence Forces personnel and Defence civilians retire every year and become part of pensioners’ strength. While working out the data‐base of pensioners as on a given date, average wastages out of the pensioners’ data base are worked out to arrive at the number of Defence pensioners on a particular date.

The Defence pensioners are spread over the length and breadth of the country. The major pockets having concentration of Defence pensioners are states of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala among others.

The Zone/State wise details of pensioners is enclosed in the accompanying Annexure – ‘A’.

Further, around 4.60 lakhs pensioners drawing pension from 63 Defence Pension Disbursement offices, which are also mapped in the accompanying Annexure – ‘B’.




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